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Delhi Sultan Indian history general knowledge important mcq questions

Delhi Sultanate Questions (Quiz) Answers

1. In 1210, Qutubuddin Aibak died while playing which of the following sport?
Ans. Chaugan
2. Iltutmish, the real founder of Slave dynasty belonged to which of the following tribe?
Ans. Ilbari
3. Which of the following is India’s first Islamic Mausoleum?
Ans. Sultan Garhi in Delhi
4. Who among the following Sultanate ruler built Hauz Shamshi in Delhi?
Ans. Iltutmish
5. Iltutmish mainly introduced two types of coin, i.e. Tanka and Jittal which were of the
following metals respectively?
Ans. Silver and Copper
6. Who issued coins with seated Lakshmi in imitation to the Gahadwals?
Ans. Mohammad Ghori
7. Who among the following Sultanate ruler was the first to issue Arabic coins in India?
Ans. Iltutmish
8. Who introduced the practice of Zaminbosi {to kiss the earth} and Paibosi {kiss the
feet of Sultan} as per the Iranian theory of divine rights which believe that King is
God’s representative on Earth?
Ans. Balban
9. Who was the last effective ruler of slave dynasty?
Ans. Balban
10. Which of the following ruler was the first Muslim ruler to cross Vindhyas, Satpuras
and Narmada River to conquer Deccan?
Ans. Allauddin Khilji
11. At which place Qutubuddin Aibak was buried after his death?
Ans. Lahore near the Anarkali Baza
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