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SSC exam reasoning book free PDF download

Download kiran publication SSC reasoning PDF book 

  RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book Pdf PDF:- Reasoning is one of the important sections that we are required to prepare for almost all the Government exams. RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book is the best reasoning book for all Government Exams like SSC, Banking, Insurance, Railways, Teaching, Engineering and other Government Exams. You can download RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book in PDF, E-books here. 


RS Aggarwal Reasoning Book Key features

  1. Lot of questions: The book provides a lot of questions from various sections that is General Mental Ability, Logical Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.
  2. Specially for Government Exams: The book is specially designed for different competitive examination and the difficulty level of the questions is also set keeping in mind the exams.
  3. Channelize your thought process: - The book broadens your IQ and channelizes your mind towards the right approach which needs to be followed.
  4. Solved examples: -The book provided fully solved examples at the end of the chapter.
  5. Previous year papers: It also provides previous year papers along with their solutions.


Contents of Kiran’s SSC Reasoning Solved Papers

  1. Analogy or Similarity
  2. Blood Relationship
  3. Symbols & Notations
  4. Classification
  5. Direction & Distance test
  6. Scheduled DAY/DATE/TIME
  7. Series
  8. Coding-Decoding
  9. Word Formation
  10. Syllogism, Statement & Conclusions
  11. Ranking/Arrangement
  12. Finding the missing Number
  13. Arithmetical Problems
  14. Arrangement of words in logical order
  15. Cubes and Dice
  16. Logical Venn-Diagram
  17. Miscellaneous
  18. Series
  19. Analogy OR Similarity
  20. Classification
  21. Mirror & Water images
  22. Paper Cutting & Folding
  23. Completion of Figure
  24. Embedded Figure
  25. Deviation of Figure

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