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Vedic age GK Indian history

GK Questions and Answers on the Vedic Civilisation and Culture

The Indus Valley Civilisation was followed by another great civilisation and culture known as Vedic Civilisation and Culture. The Aryans were the originators of the ci

1. Who among the following scholar declared that 'Sapt Saidhava' region was the homeland of Aryans?
A. Dr. A C Das
B. Prof. Maxmuller
C. Prof. Penka
D. Dr. K.K Sharma
Ans: A
2. Match the following on the theory of Aryans origin
a. European Theory         1. Dr. A. C Das
b. Central Asian Theory    2. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
c. Arctic Region Theory     3. Max Muller
d. Indian Theory             4. Sir W. Jones
     a   b   c   d
A.  1   2   3   4
B.  4   3   2   1
C.  3   4   1   
D.  1   3   4   2
Ans: B
3. Which of the following was the basic unit of Vedic Society?
A. Jana
B. Vidath
C. Parivar
D. Sangh
Ans: C
4. Who among the following was not the god of atmosphere during Vedic period?
A. Indra
B. Marut
C. Rudra
D. Dyans
Ans: D
5. Which river is not mention in Rigveda?
A. Narmada
B. Sindhu
C. Ganga
D. Yamuna
Ans: A
6. Who does Vedic people call Potter?
A. Vidath
B. Kulal
C. Ayas
D. Langal
Ans: B
7. Which was the voluntary contribution made by people?
A. Turvas
B. Yadu
C. Bali
D. Sira
Ans: C
8. Match the following
a. Rigveda      1. Hotri
b. Yajurveda  2. Adhavayu
c. Samaveda  3. Udgatri
d. Atharveda  4. Athrava
     a   b   c   d
A.  1   2   3   4
B.  4   3   2   1
C.  3   4   1   2
D.  1   3   4   2
Ans: D
9. Which was not among the five famous 'Jan'?
A. Yadu
B. Anu
C. Drahyu
D. Bharavarsh
Ans: D
10. What was the term used to denote the wooden plough by Rigvedic Aryans?
A. Ayas
B. Langal
C. Kulal
D. Yava
Ans: B
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