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Maurya dynasty Indian history important question for SSC CGL RRB BANKING UPSC Bank Police exams

Top 20 maurya dynasty Indian history questions

 Chandrgupta maurya was one of the biggest indian king . who successed over mohapadananda of nanda dynasty and started their rull over india . maurya kingdom founded by chandragupta maurya , tha chanakya was the minister of chandragupta maurya .

 Hello friends today  we will start our class about the indian history general knowladge for ssc cgl and upsc tet and other indina government exams so if you want to qualify any exam so follow our website here you will get more gk and current Affair for all time update . so lets start .

 Today I will share some important general knowladge question form indian history and chandragupta maurya , real all the gk and please share this  article to your frineds . tha

1. Mauryan empire was founded by?
(a) Ashoka
(b) Bindusara
(c) Chandragupta Maurya
(d) Samudragupta

2. Chandragupta Maurya was born to a sudra woman named?
(a) Mahamaya
(b) Kosala
(c) Yasodha
(d) Mura

3. Chandragupta Maurya was the follower of?
(a) Buddhism
(b) Ajivika
(c) Hinduism
(d) Jainism

4. Who defeated Seleucus Nicator?
(a) Bindusara
(b) Ashoka
(c) Chandragupta Maurya
(d) Bimbisara

5. Ambassador of Seleucus Nicator who visited the court of Chandragupta Maurya?
(a) Ibn Batuta
(b) Megasthenes
(c) Barbosa
(d) Nicolo Conti

6. Who of the following wrote Arthshastra??
(a) Banabhatta

(b) Ashwaghosa
(c) Jaya Deva
(d) Kautilya

7. Who of the following was also referred as Amitraghata?
(a) Bimbisara
(b) Bindusara
(c) Ashoka
(d) Chandragupta Maurya

8. Bindusara ruled for the period?
(a) 297 B.C. - 273 B.C.
(b) 322 B.C. - 297 B.C.
(c) 492 B.C. - 460 B.C.
(d) 273 B.C. - 232 B.C.

9. Who of the following wrote Indica?
(a) Megasthenese
(b) Kautilya
(c) Harshavardhana
(d) Jayasi

10. Chanakya or Kautilya was the prime minister of?
(a) Samudragupta
(b) Chandragupta Maurya
(c) Ashoka
(d) Bindusara

Answers - 1(c), 2(d), 3(d), 4(c), 5(b), 6(d), 7(b), 8(a), 9(a) and 10(b).

1) who is the founder of maurya dynasty. ?

Ans:.   Chandragupta maurya

2) who wrote  Arthasastra book. ?

Ans:. Chanakya

3). Who defeat last Nanda ruler. ?

Ans: chandragupta maurya

4) who was the prime minister of chandragupta maurya. ?

Ans:. Chanakya 
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