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Indus valley civilization history GK question and answer

Indus valley covilization most imortant gk 

 Indus vallye civilization  is one of the oldest civilization in the world , indus valley civilization started at 2700 BC and end in 1750 BC ,  the indus valley civilization one of the biggest and world fourth oldest civilization .

   Hello friends my self awari simanchal . today I will share all most important general knowladge question and Answer with you so lets start this will help you to qualify any exams like SSC , UPSC , TET . CGL . NET and other government exams so lets start .

1) Who is the founder of indus valley civilization

Ans :     Dayaram sahani

2) Who is the founder of mohenjodaro

Ans :  RD Banarjee

3) When did  harapappa civilization was discovered  ?
Ans :  1921

4) When did mohejodar discovered ?
Ans :  1922

5) What is the period of harapappa civilization  ?
Ans :  2700 BC to 1750 BC
6) when did lothal discovered ?
Ans : 1957

7) where did six grannarys found at indus valley civilization  ?
Ans ;   harappa site

8) where did horse found  ?
Ans ; surkotoda

10;) where did rice hucks found in indus valley civilization  ?

Ans :  lothal and rangpur

13)  what is the script style of indus valley civilization  peoples ?
Ans :  picturegraphy

14)  what is the meaning of mount of death ?
Ans ; mruta ke dwara

this is the most important general knowladge question and answer about the indus valley civilization . if you want to learn mor please subscribe our website to get free emil gk coaching . you can also visit our yourtbe channel study master class . have any question so please ask at comment box  .

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