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First in India general knowledge question and answer

First in India general knowledge question and answer

Hello friends my self awari  simanchal today I will tell you some most important general knowladge about first in india . if you prepairing for ssc upsc tet and othere  government job exams so plesase visit our website and subscribe to our website to get latest job notifications all time .

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First in india 30 important GK questiona and Answer

1) First governer general of india ?
Ans ;  williom bentrick

2) First governer general of independent india  ?
Ans :  lord mountbaten

3) First prime minister of india /
Ans : jabaharlal nehuru

4) First president of india ?
Ans : dr rajendra prasad

5) First women prime minister of india /
Ans:  indira gandhi

7 ) first home minister of india ?
Ans:  sardar balbhab bhai patel

9) first chief of indian national army  ?
Ans : sardar rajendra singh ji

10)  first indian who go to space  ?
Ans : Rakesh sharma

11) first cricketor to get padmabhusan award  ?
Ans ; c naidu

13)  first india to recev bharat ratna award  ?
Ans : Dr radhakrishna

14) first president of indian national congress?
Ans :  VS Banarzeee

15)  first indian who joined as directore general of world bank  ?
Ans :  gautam kazi

16)   first indian to win nobel price  for economic  ?
Ans : Gautam kazi

17)  first indian prime minister who resign before the full term  ?
Ans : Manoj desai

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