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Gupta dynasty indian history most important general knowladge question Answer

Gupta dynasty  indian history most important general knowladge question Answer 

  In the indian kingdom the gupta rullers are more powerfull and most imporant topic for government and private entrance and exams . gupta kingdom founded by Sri gupta  and there are so many biggest kings chandragupta and kumar gupta who builded the nalanda univercity . so gupta kingdom of indian history most important topic to qualify  government  job exams and entrances .

1) Who is the founder of Gupta dynasty ?
Ans:  sri Gupta

2) Who is known as nepolion of India  ?
Ans:  samudragupta

3) Who is the last ruler of Gupta dynasty  ?
Ans: skandagupta

4) Which Gupta dynasty king build nalanda university at Bihar  ?
Ans: Kumar Gupta

5) The age of gupta dynasty also know as  ?
Ans:  golden age of gupta
7 )  the gupta ruler kumar gupta worship to which god ?
Ans :   kartikeya god
8) which pillar inscription mentioned the tittle dharma prachar bandhu to samudragupta ?
Ans : allhabaad pillar

9)  which gupta rulers 9 poet lived  ?
Ans : chandragupta ii  they also know as navaratna kabi

10) gupta belong to the which caste  ?
Ans ;  vaishya caste 

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