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Gautam budha and mohaveer indian history gk

Gautam budha and mohaveer  indian history gk

   Hello friends my self awari simanchal today I will tell you about two most important  topic gautam budha and monhaveer from indian history . if you want to qualify any exam so follow my website and clear the exam .

.   Today I will share most important general knowladge question and Answer with you which will help you more . so please real all gk about gautam budha and mohaveer , indian history class general knowladge  so lets start the class .

1) who founded joinish ?
Ans :  RIshabnath

2) who is the 24th tirthankar of jainishm ?
Ans :   mohaveer
3) who is the 23rd tirthankar of jainism  ?
Ans :  parswanath

4) when did mohaveer born ?
Ans :  mohaveer born in 540BC at kundalgtam newar vaisali bihar

6 )  who is the father and mother of mohaveer ?
Ans :  sidhartha and trishala

7) what is the name of wife fo mohaveer ?
Ans :  yashoda

8) what is the name of mohaveers daughter ?
Ans : priyadarshini

10) at what age mohaveer remain house  ?
Ans ;  at the age of 30 year

11)  when did gautam budha born  ?
Ans : 563 bc

12)  who was the father and mother of gautam budha   ?

Ans ;  sudhadana and mother is  mohamaya and second mother is gautami

13)  who told about eight fold fath  ?
Ans : gautam budha

14) who told about three ratna  ?
Ans : mohaveer

15) what is the budhis dharma grantha  ?
Ans :   tripitak

dear students this is the most important topic and gk about gautam budha and mohaveer if you like this artile so please share this to your frends and please comment us your opinion about this website , if you have any question so feel free to ask at comment box , thanks for visiting our website god bless you .

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