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Carrier After 10th science Art's commerce which field good for study

Carrier Aafter 10th carrier guide for happy future

Carrier After 10th , science,+2 Art's,+2 Science,

What is the carrier option Aafter 10th if you passed high school and going to join +2 you need to know about all scopes and carrier options Aafter 10th , my self Awari simanchal  today I will share some fantastic future and carrier field about . so lets start now .

   One bad opinion can change your whole life  , Aafter your study you should think about if I study this so I can make a batter carrier and batter job , so you need to know about what is the carrier option Aafter 10th .

+2 Arts

 If you want to become a lower and teacher and lecturer or journalist so you can study +2  in arts and complete your graduation in Arts and chose your carrier from this job fields .

+2 science

 If you want to become a engineer or Doctore so you can chose science subject in +2  . without science you cant become a doctore or engineer . you should complete your +2 science and study the B tech or MBBS and you should become a doctore or engineer . MBBS  for doctore  and  B tech for engineer . decide which field you like to study .

+2 commerce

If you want to join in economic finance or banking sectore so you should join in commerce in +2 and study accounting fields , and you will be get high salary job in commerce study , you can study like MBA  , CA . M com and make a finance job as a lectirer or bank manager or charter accountant  . chose what you want

 Some basic questions Asked by people about carrier

1) Can I become a doctore Aafter +2 arts
Ans:   NO you cant become a doctore Aafter Arts study , you should complete your +2 and study MBBS and become a doctore .

Q) can I join LLB to become a lawer  ?

Ans :   yes you should join LLB Aafter graduation and I will prefer you should make gradiation in Arts with political science honours  .

Q) can I join +2 scince Aafter pass 10th with 40% mark ?

Ans: yes but low mark so you cant eligible for government job like enginer entrance or medical tests so batter you should join  Diploma courses which make you batter carrier .


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