Thursday, May 9, 2019

top 50 zero investment risk free small business ideas in 2019

Top 50  small zero investment business 

Small business idea

 If you thinking about to start a small business in all over india like inidia pakistan , Aamerica or othere  countrys so don’t warry about that  , if you have money no problem you can start your business any where in the world , problem comes them when you have no money  .

 My name is Awari simanchal  today I will share some top 50 small business ideas which you can start with small amount investment or without invetment . so lets start top small business ideas

1) Chocolate making business 
2) Robber band making business 
3) Labout supply business 
4)  Supply student to collage and other institute 
5) Start a coaching center 
6) Start a tea shop 
7) Book store business 
8)  Car bike washing business 
9)  Home building business 
10) Electronic gadget repairing shop 
11)  Gift shop 
12)  Second hand bike shop 
13) Second hand mobile store 
14)  Carpenter shop 
15)  Welding shop business
16)  Ladies courner shop business 
17) Photo studio business 
18) Internet café 
19)  Cake and fruite shop
20) Barber shop business 
21) Makeup and beauty hairstye shop business 
22) Coconute  supply to company business 
23) Kawadi business , west product busiess 
24) Mobiel repairing shop business 
25) Jana seva kendra  internet service shop business 
26) Video graphy in merrage business 
27) Online free content writing and earn money business 
28) Youtube channel business 
29) Facebook page creat and sell business 
30) Domain re selling business 
31) Website design small business idea 
32)  Human hair small business 
33)  House painting small business idea 
34)  Supply vegetable to ratailer from farmer small business idea 
35) Chappal making small business idea 
36) Fynail making small business idea 
37) Agarbati making small business idea 
38) Perfume making small business idea 
39) Drinking water supply small business idea 
40) House cleaning service smal business idea 
41)  Dog training school smll business idea 
42)  Comuter trainning center small business idea 
43)   Driving school small business idea 
44) House keeping service small business idea . 
45) Making sollar light small business idea 
46) LED bulb making smal business idea . 
47)  Digital marketing service small business idea 
48) Android Apk devlopment small business idea 
49) Yoga center smll businesss idea 
50) Music  dance class small business idea 


 If you like this top 50 small business ideas  so please like and share now , if you want to ask any questions about the business so  ask your questions in comment box .

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