Friday, May 31, 2019

how to sell a webiste in india and earn thousand of monwy sitting at home flippa

How to earn money selling domail name online 

 Hello friends if you want to make money onoine website selling is a great way to make money online , don’t need any skill you can start this business and earn money online

 How to start  online website selling business

 Before start website sellinb job you should be know about what is  website name , website name means a website name so you need to know about all types of website names and quality website , all websites are not give you money only quality website name will give you money  .
  You can join Flippa website name re selling club paying simple fees . and buy a uni qe website name and sell it for hundred of dollar ,

 One england man was sell the for 25 lakh dollar . if you get a good name you can sell it for crore indian rupees or dollars

 How much can one earn money from website selling business

  Any one cannot say about how much you can earn from selling website names online . if you work smartly and chose a valuable website name you can make money online ok  ,  one singapur women purchased a website name for rupees 250 only and it was selled for 2 crore rupees because it was a high demanding website name . so you need to pickup website name like this .

 Website selling payment proff 

 If you want website selling payment proff follow us me on instagram @awarisimanchal and I will msg you my website re selling business payment proff

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