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how to Apply for education loan in india in 2019

How to Apply for education loan 

How to get education loan, how to Apply for education loan ,

 Hello friends if you want to study high education  in india or abrode don’t warry about money because I will tell you how you should get a loan for your higher  study , how to get education loan .

 How to Apply for education loan 

 If you thinking about education loan don’t warry about that  , follow my valuable tips and I sure you will get a education load in just 1 week . before Apply education loan think twice why you need money and what is your carrier plan .

1) Visit your nearest bank
2) Meet manager of the bank and tell about your requirment
3) Ask them for education loan
4) Fill up education loan form
5) Submite your document like collage joining proofe and collage fees and other expenciess fees details .
6) Bank will verigy your details  and  Aprove your loan for education .
 This is the process for Applying education loan in india . if you want to get a education loan so follow my tips and I sure you will get  a educaiton loan instant .

 Why bank reject your education loan form 

 Some time bank will reject your  education loan form , some of the major causes which  effect to Aprove your education loan Aprove .

  •  If you don’t provided all the major documents 
  • If your highher study in risk  
  • If you provided document fake 
  • If your  higher study like MA , BA , MSC , Diploma ,  %20 only chance to bank will Aprove your education loan  . 

How to get education loan fast 

 If you want to get a education loan fast so follow this tips

  •  Think before Apply why you need money , what is your feature 
  •  Apply study like MBA MCA MBBS M,TECH …etc  which bank will give quick education loan , because this type of study will give you a good job in future  
  • Join in good collage , AIMS , IIT , IIM  and other big colleges , this type of collage will give you a high package salary job , so bank will give you a quick educaiton loan 

 Can a poor student get educaion laon in india  ?

 Yes anyone can get educaiton loan , it will depend on their study and collage

 What is the interest rate of education loan and term period  ?

 No interest in education loan , if you close your loan within 5 year of your study completed .

 How many rupees bank will give you for education loan ?

It willl depend on your bank and your collage fees , normally a bank wil give you 5 lakh rupees for study in india .

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