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why your blog website not getting more traffic top 10 reason which help you to grow your blog traffic. 2019

Why blog not getting traffic some most common mistakes  , if you want to grow your blog and get more traffic to your blog follow this steps sure you will get more traffic to your blog website . today I will tell you how to grow  and why your blog not getting more traffic , follow my steps and I  sure if you follow this things defiantly your blog  website will be increase more visiter by search engines like Google and yahoo . so let’s start
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Why my blog not getting more traffic

If you are new in blogging and want to improve your blog your right place . I will teach you how to improve your blog traffic and earn more from Google Adsense so let’s start now

 This is the top 10 common mistakes doing by new bloggers which makes no traffic to their blog websites . 

1) Blog name , if you want to get traffic to your blog first thing is blog name , because new blogger not have idea about how to chose blog name. Example if you want to make a movie artists so you name should be movie download.com  which will help you for grow your blog traffic by search result because the domain saying about what is your blog . so first you need to chose a good name for your blog website 
2) Second thing is  blog platform . if you chose blogger you can’t get more traffic as a new blogger . because you don’t know about SEO so your blog post don’t comes in search result so it will bad decision for getting traffic to chose blogger . if you want to learn about blogging blogger is good . but if you think about to earn money doing blogging so you need to make blog using WordPress where you get free SEO plugins which help you to get more view to your blog artists .
3) Third things is  new blogger almost doing this things they only write post but don’t submits it to Google Yahoo . first you should write some post and publish it and After 10 post publish in your blog you need to submit your blog website to Google and yahoo search engine which will help you to grow your blog traffic
4) Fourth one is theme . if you using free themes . you need to use premium themes because theme also make big rule in  blog post branding ranking and getting traffic to your blog website . if your blog theme loading speed very slow your blog post Google will not show in search so your did not get more traffic . so you need to use fast loading premium template. .
5) New bloggers writing short blog posts  like. 200 word . don’t write this type  of post because if you write 100 post with 200 word  in every post your traffic will be zero . so I thing if you write 1 post with 3000 word this will make your website blog rank first in Google and yahoo search . you decide which is good .
6) New blogger doing big mistakes is not write regularly constantly posts . they wrote 5 post in a day and After that they don’t write any post next day , which will so bad for your blogging carrier . if you want to get more traffic to your blog website you need to write blog post continually and write quality and  SEO  friendly blog posts .
7) New bloggers don’t sharing their blog posts to social media . social media is a good platform for get more traffic to your website . make a Facebook page group and post your blog posts there . if your page have 5000 like you can get 1000 visiters  per day to your blog websites . so  share all your blog posts After publish . you can ask your friends to share your post . if your post shared by your 20 friends defiantly get  5000 visitors per day which will help you to get more traffic to your blog website . and It also help you to get some traffic from search engines to rank your blog website
8) New blogger another big mistakes is they only write post and publish it but they don’t make back link . if you want to get more traffic so comment us to other bloggers posts. My blog getting  3000 traffic from back links by commenting from other bloggers post . you should need to comment that blog post which topic related to your blog .
9) Another big mistake done by new blogger  that is without hard work they want to earn 100000 in a day , don’t warry if you work hard one day you really  make money form your blog . but you should need to work in your blog for minimum 6 month for earn 50000 in a month form your blog website
10) New blogger copy paste others blog posts . and don’t use image in their blog post so you should need to  write original content and use minimum 2 image in a blog post .

Watch video for more information about how to grow blog

 This is the top 10 common mistakes doing new blogger . I think you learn more information from this post . if you like this post please comment use and share this post . if you want to ask any question about blogging don’t warry ask your question in comment box . our team will give you feedback within 5 minute . thanks for visiting our website . visit again www.newsindianews.in

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