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How to running fast top 10 killer tricks which makes your running speed 200%

How to running fast , if you want to join in indian army or police service so I will guide you for how to running speed , if you want to  become a runner  you are right place , I will guide you teach you which wil help you to grow your running skill and make you physically strong
How to running fast

How to runnig fast  top 10 killer tips

 If you want to running fast follow this top 10 powerfull best tips which help you for grow your running and qualify in indian army test or other physical comptetion so lets start
Best running shoes for fast running

1) Chose a right shoe , if you want to running speedly and fast first thing is chose right shoe for your running , its depend on which location you belong and what is your lag type , if you want to speed up your running buy good branded shoe , don’t think about money ,
Time for fast running
2) Second think is  buy a watch it is help you to speed up your runing , if you clear a 1600 mtr running in 20 minute , so try to cover same distance within 19 minute next day , make strategy  , if you only doing running you cant get success , make some good strategy which will help you for . running fastly ,
Everyday running make fast

3) Spet -3 , if you want to get success in runnign run minimum 5km every day , and try to run same distance with time reducing from previews day, running regularly , if you running regularly every day you muscle will be strong and your energy level will be grow , follow this step I sure you will be complete all running comptetion without any issue
Exercise for make body fit

4) Step -4   ,  do some exercise , if you want to running fast so dosome hard exercise , exercise make your body fit  which make your runnign fast
Running in stair make running fast

5) Run places  like stair places fast , which make your running fast , claim the streed and come back with full speed  , it was the logic of  success olompic runners , if you want to running fast use this steps and make your runnign fast
6)  Don’t run single , if you think you running better its your mistake , don’t run single , run in group which will give you some idea about how to  run in a comptation and you will be get some ideas from your partners , so run in group
7)  Eat some protine powders because if you want to success in runnign so you need some energy for running because running is a physical task so you need more engergy , if you belong from poor family so eat village food which give you 10 time better energy compere to protine powder .
8)  Wear  normal and louse dress which give your body to fit and feel free, so whih time you runnign wear louse dress like night peat and t-shirt  ok ,
9)  Before runnign complete your toilet work  and clean your body which give you more power in running its proved
10) Last thing is set up your goad and prepair your mind for work , if you want success you need for do hard word , without hard work you cant get success ,


 If you born with poor its not your mistake
If you die with poor its your mistake

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