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101 singing tips you can sing like a rock star indian classical music

how sing like a rock star . if you want to learn music so please follow our website for all singing tips and tricks about it . i am a singer of odisha i will guide you for your batter singing . if you want to make carrier in singing so this is the some most important tips which you can follow for get success in singing line . lets start
Sing like a rockstar

   if you want to become a singer . how to sing like a singer , how to sing , so i will teach you today follow my guide which will help you for singing batter to batter .  before start this class I request all of you if you want to learn about music so please follow my website enter your email for latest update .

How to sing like a rock star

This is the top 10 tips which help you to grow your singing carrier and make your vocal like a rock star

  Here I cover following topics

  • How to sing well
  • How to become a singer
  • How to sing like a singer
  • How to sing high notes 

Learn music instrument playing

1) First thing you should learn one music instrument. Like guitar or Casio .  without musical instrument you can’t grow your singing . music instrument will help you for sing batter  with sur .

2)  Second thing is regularly practice your sargam  morning and evening for atleast  1 hour per day

3) Drink 5 ltd water per day . which will make your voice smith and error free

4) Join any music institute for take some knowledge from experience teacher . without teacher you can’t grow your talent , but you can learn from here , without joining any institute .
5) Practice this notes. Sa,re,ga,ma,pa,dha,ni,sa  regularly with using harmoniom

6) Use your mobile sound recorder and sing a song and listen carefully , and try to sing with your previews mistake solving . if you sing 5 to 10 time I sure you will sing that song very nicely and smoothly . it will help you to become a singer
7) Join any club aur any band where you sing with musical instrument which give you practically knowledge about how to sing . it will be help you for grow your singing carrier
. and also today’s bis singers of bollywood are started their carrier with small music groups .  how much earn not matter what we are doing that is main topic .
8) Attend any tv aur other reality show like hindustan music . saregamapa music audition , and show many shows are hosted by tv channels every year , if you think you are a good singer . so you can participate in this shows here you can prove you can sing batter like a singer , thanks
9) You can start a youtube channel and buy a normal mike cost 2000 rs and sing online , if you sing good so so many chance you can become a singer , if you not getting any offer you can also earn money from youtube .
10) If you want to become a singer so search online for jobs , if you singing good so you will get a job in singing field . if you singing well so you can get a job in music company’s and other music host show company’s .

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