Sunday, March 31, 2019

sitemap error how to solve 101 trick google search consol

How to fix .xml sitemap error  

Follow below steps to get solve your sitemap .xml error problem solve

1) Visit search consol
2) Re enter your site with www  and submite again
3) Verify your site using code
4) Aafter submite please submite sitemap like
5) Click submite
 If your sitemap showing error so foloow this steps to solve your sitemap .xml error

1) Before submite any sitemap please write sum posts and publish it online . without content you cant submite sitemap .
2) Write swelling currectly before submite site
3) Don’t put full url in text sitemap box . only write sitemap.xml
4) And click save

That’s  it your sitemap submitted successfully . if you want to show by clicking on sitemap and it will show you a success result in blue latter . that’s it

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