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indus valley civilization most important general knowladge questions object type

Indus valley civilization 

Indus valley civilization is one of the fourth earliest civilization in the world . hello friends my name Awari simanchal today I will share some most important fact about indus valley civilization . if you want to learn full details about indus valley civilization read full chapter I sure you will clear your all doubts .

Indus valley civilization found 

1) Indus valley civilization is fourth largest civilization in the world
2) Dayaram sahani was the founder of indus valley civilization
3) John marshall named  Aafter discover indus valley civilization
4) Dayaram sahani discover indus valley civilizationin 1921
5) Indus valley two bis sites are harappa and mohenjodar
6) Mohenjodar discover by RD Banarjee in 1922 Aafter harappas one year of discover mohenjodar discovered
7)harappa lives in pakistan punjab under RAVI river
8) mohenjodar lives in sindh  under indus river

Town planning of harappa civilization
1) The indus valley civilization was town civilization
2)  The great bathroom founded in mohenjodar
3) 6 grannarys found in harappa
4) House were made up by  born bricks

Agriculture of indus valley civilization

  • Agriculture was   the backbone of inus valley civilization 
  • They were first produces COTTION   
  • They produce cropes wheet , barley , and so many food products 

 Art and Crafts of indus valley civilization

  • Harappa peoples used stone tools for their work 
  • Bronze dancing girl nude image founded in mohenjodar 
  • They played Gambing a favorite game for time pass 

  • Trades with other countrys indus valley civilization 

  • Agriculture and forest product was the main product for internal and external trade export 
  • Trade was based on barter systam , coins are not evident . 

Some important general knowladge question about indus valley civilization

1) Who discovered harappa civilization ?
Ans :  dayaram sahani
2) Who were first producer of cuttion ?
Ans :  indus valley civilaizetion people

3) Who  Discovered mohenjodar ?
Ans :  RD banarjee
4) How many grannary s founded in harappa ?
Ans :   6 grannarys

5) Horsh founded in ?
Ans : surkotoda
6) Rice hucks founded in ?
Ans :  lothal and rangpur

7) Where is lothal situated  ?
Ans :   lothal situated in Gujrat


 Indus valley civilization Ancient indian history class completed next class is about gautam budha and mohaveer  . if you like my post please share and comment your question in commetn box

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