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Indian history most important questions for SSC GD IAS PO exams 2019

Indian history important general knowledge questions

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Indian history important question
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1) who is the founder of maurya kingdom. ?

Ans-.     Chandragupta maurya

2)  who is the founder of  ganga kingdom  ?

Ans-. Chodaganga Dev

3) when first world war started  ?

Ans-. 1914

4) first battle of panipath  conducted in. ?

Ans-. 1526

5) 1210 who is the ruler in Delhi dynasty. ?


6) who discovered harappa civilization. ?

Ans-. Dayaram sahani

7)  when East India company come to India  ?

Ans- 1500Bc. 1499 December 31

8) who write the famous book PUK. ?

Ans-. Pahiyaan

9) when did  INC founded and who is the founder of INC ?

Ans-. 1885.  ,  AD home
           Indian national Congress

10)  who teach three jewelles  ?

Ans-. Gautam Buddha

11)   when non co-peration movement started by Gandhi. ?

Ans- 1920

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12) when second world war started ?

Ans+- 1939-45

13) who wrote the famous book  meghadutam ?

Ans-  kalidas

14) who build the famous buland darwaza. ?

Ans-   Akbar

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15)  who is the father of history ?

Ans-     Herodotus

16) when mohatma Gandhi die. ?

Ans-. 2948 January 30

17)  who wrote the famous grantha ramayana   ?

Ans-.  Balmiki

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