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google trending keywords in 2019 get more traffic to your blog website google trend report

2019 top trending keywords . hello dear friends if you atop re a blogger or a youtuber you need to update with google trend and other search engine trending . today I will share some top trending topic which will make you blog like a pro . if you this keywords in your blog website I will sure yout blog sure get more organic traffic .

Top trending keyword 2019 for blogger in google trend 

Google trend is a free plugin for bloggger and content writer . where you see about what going on trend online . so you can make conternt and get more traffic and earn more money from your blog website .  I will reserce and get some top class keywords which gone more search in 2019 in google  bing yahoo and other search engines . lets start

India  vs srilaka
India VS srilanka this keywords reserched for 25M per week . if you want traffic to your blog if you are a new or old blogger please make content for your blog about this topic .   if you not trust me you can also search in google trend .  if you want o reserce and check volume of an keyword use googles free plugin free tool Google keyword plunner . here you can search any keyword it will show you the result how many peoples are searching your topic . it will help you to meke good quality content and get more  traffick to your blog website .

Goa CM monohar parikar

 Goa chief minister monohar parikar also a trend topic .  top indian news channels like times of india , dainik bhaskar , Aajtaak  and many more wesites wrote so many article about this topic and the volume search of this topic is 5M per day . if you want more traffic to your blog website please use this keyword

World cup  2019

 World cup keyword also a trendkng topic in 2019 . if your  a new blogger so I will request you to make content about the world cup I will sure your blog get more traffic and you wil get success in blogging field .  make conternt like IND vs PAK  and other . world cup volume is 1M per day today  but Aafter sum day It will be go to
100M per day . I promise your blog will be get more trafic . meke content about world cup cricke .

Finance keyword also give you success this keywords volume is 1M per week but this is a High CPC  keyword . if you use this keyword in your blog website  you get traffic and also you rarn more money from adsence . because finance company invest more money in advertising so the CPC rate is very high . use this keyword in your blog post for more traffic and more money  two in one .
Salman khan

Salman khan also an tranding and biggest keyword for indian blogger . if your targeting to india . you use the biggest keyword salman khan in your blog posts . also make content about salman khans birth day , wife , girl friend … etc  . I sure your blog will get more traffic . salman khan always a tranding trafic

This is the trending topic and keyword for 2019 full year . if you are a blogger and want more traffic and more money icnome use propper keyworrd in your blog .  without keyword resurce you cant get success . plese use google adword , google keyword plunner , and google Annalytics  


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