Sunday, March 31, 2019

eligible for google adsence blogger guide in 2019

Who are eligible for adsence
Google AdSense eligible

If you are a blogger so before Applying adsence you need to know some tips and tricks which help you for getting google adsence fast Aaprove

1) You should be use a costume domain name like  without domain name don’t Apply for google adsence . you cant get Aprove with .tk domain mind it
2) Creat pages like About us, contact us , discaimer , privacy policy  , …etc it will help full you too get adsence Aprove fast
3) Write minimum 20 post before Applying for google adsence . ok
4) Aafter applying for adsence write some posts which help you to get more quickly adsence Aprove
5) Don’t us free template . if you are new so use wordpress free template If you using blogger please migrate to wordpress ok or buy a theme , free theme you cant get adsence Aprove ok
6) Don’t copy others content always use original content and don’t post content like porn and other sexual content which are very dangerious for your adsence Account Aprovation
7) Post regularly and  Apply adsence Aafter 15 days of blog create

If you doing all this things so you are eligible for adsence . don’t worry Apply for adsence if you are right content publish and best design website so you sure get adsence account Aprove  ok

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